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Minnesota China Academy, a branch school of Minghua Chinese School, is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Minnesota. Minghua means Minnesota Chinese. The mission of Minnesota China Academy is to teach Chinese language, culture, arts and other related subjects, with its main focus on students who do not have a Chinese language background at home. As part of its mission, the school also helps students of Chinese immigrant families adjust to the American society and American education system, and promotes cultural and educational exchange between China and the United States. Minnesota China Academy teaches the standard language system used in Mainland China.

The school currently has over 20 Chinese classes, including children classes and adult classes,divided into CSL track (for students whose home language is NOT mandarin Chinese) and CHL track (for students whose home language is mandarin Chinese). Optional classes include Chinese water-color painting, handcrafts and Olympic Math. The school's regular children program admits students who are four years or older. The pre-school program admits students who are three years old, but under four. The school also runs special SAT classes for immigrant students and helps them prepare for American colleges and universities.

明华MCA实验学校(Minnesota China Academy) 创建于2000年,是明华的分校之一。MCA实验学校以追求高质量的中文教育,以及各类特色技能教育为宗旨。目前开设的各类特色课程包括: 1. 马立平中文班(1-3年级);2. 奥林匹克数学班(1-3年级);3. SAT I 强化训练班(1011年级);4.儿童和成人CSL中文课程(1-10级),等。